How do I apply Frensheen?

23 November 2020

Frensheen comes in 5 beautiful colours. GorgeousGold, Beautiful bronze, Green Goddess, Sexy Silver and Cool Copper.

This metallic powder can be mixed with either Finishing Coat or Wax.

You can then apply it to a number of different surfaces e.g. plastic handles, metal handles, wooden furniture.

Sprinkle some of the powder into a mixing bowl and slowing add a small amount of the finishing coat to create a medium thickness consistency. You can apply with a decorative detailing brush, very gently and thinly at first so you can build up to the required effect you like.

You can also mix it with the browning wax to create a gilding wax. Mix it 50/50 together and then you can dab the smallest amount on your finger and smooth it over any detailing on the piece you wish to enhance.

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