Upcycling for Beginners

20 November 2020

Fancy having a go at your own upcycling? Maybe you might even want to try a bit of upcycling to sell and make a bit of extra money? Here are some top tips to get you going…

  1. Start with a quality piece! You don’t want to spend your time prepping, painting and finishing a piece if the end result is going to be…well…cheap! the best pieces to go for are made from real wood. If you don’t have many tools or aren’t too hot on repairs then avoid pieces with any structural damage.

2. Always try and stage your finished piece for your photos. You can use inexpensive items you may have at home like books, flowers, vases or empty frames! Try to position it on a section of wood floor or a rug. You need to give your potential buyers the idea of how it could look in their own home!

3. Good photography is key. Make sure your room is well lit with natural light if possible. Avoid shadows or really bright lights. Try and hold the camera really still or if you have a tripod this will really help. Try to stay at eye level with the piece. Avoid having the camera pointing up or down towards it. Always include more than one photo to give the customer a real idea of the whole piece. If it has any details take a close up.

4. List your piece in as many places as possible! There are so many free local selling sites on Facebook. Try Marketplace to get you started.

5. Make your ad as descriptive as possible. Try and include words that people would search for. Watch out for spelling mistakes because that can impact how many people see it. If it is a well known brand be sure to include that in the title too. Suggest other uses for the piece. For example, could the sideboard also be used as a television or entertainment cabinet?

6. Make sure you get your pricing right. obviously don’t undersell yourself for the amount of time and materials that it has cost you. The best way to figure this out is so have a look at similar pieces on eBay and price yours accordingly. Remember you can always come down but you can’t go up!

7. Where possible offer delivery. This can be a real dealbreaker for some. You can even charge so make it worth your while!

And last but not least, ENJOY the process! Release your creative flair and let it bring you joy.

We hope you find these pointers useful to get you started on your upcycling journey!

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