Which grey should I use?

23 November 2020

Grey remains a strong interior choice again this year with the Pantone of 2021 being Ultimate Grey with its support colour a bright zingy yellow called Illuminating!

Picking the right grey for your pieces of furniture is not always an easy task!

There are so many different shades to choose from ( warm, cool, muddy, greige etc!).

Within our Frenchic range the warmer toned greys are Grey Pebble, Lady Grey, Spitfire or even Posh Nelly which is verging on a greige (grey/beige mix) whilst cooler toned greys would include Stormy or City Slicker.

Maybe you are thinking what furniture goes with grey flooring? you may wish to try and colour match to make your room flow or possibly go for something dramatic and dark like Smudge or Panther? By leaving the top of your piece with a natural wooden top you can also bring a feeling of warmth to your room.

Think about the direction your room is facing so, for example if your room faces north you may wish to make it feel more inviting by decorating with warm off whites and adding warm grey pieces. Alternatively south facing rooms can offer natural warmth so heres where you could get away with cooler toned pieces.

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